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Services in the field of IT, HR, finance and information are important for all organizations and businesses. High service contributes significantly to the development, development and marketing of knowledge and new technologies. The Smart Services Hub in Parkstad capable of serving the entire Knowledge As Limburg. This applies equally to the Maastricht Downtown Campus with his broad knowledge and expertise in the fields of law, economics and culture.

Researchers at the word

"Economic validation"
"The importance of the Knowledge-As for the province and the neighboring region is not knowledge but the shaft or the relationship and / or contents which complement each other campuses in distinctive competencies. To this end, the province will have to choose a central theme in which the region nationally and internationally to uniquely distinguish and profile. It should be able to join. Both companies as well as universities The Knowledge As Limburg is an opportunity to be able to contribute to the economic validation of the chosen theme in order to achieve additional sales. "
Fred Bollen, Director LifeTec Vision