News | 23 July 2020

Nearly half a million grant to gain better understanding of coronavirus

Bioinformaticians and systems biologists at Maastricht UMC+ and Maastricht University have received almost half a million euros from ZonMw to describe in detail the molecular mechanism of the coronavirus. This should open up new avenues allowing targeted medical treatment of the disease caused by the virus.

iStockiStockThe grant awarded will enable the scientists to further expand the knowledge platform WikiPathways they have set up. On this platform, the molecular processes of the coronavirus are described and visualised on the basis on scientific data from all over the world. The knowledge can be accessed by researchers and is continuously kept up to date with the latest scientific insights to support the drug development process for the different phases of COVID-19.

In addition to the expansion of the existing knowledge platform, the software will be improved to better describe virus-human interactions within relevant molecular processes, so that computers can use and analyse them. The third aspect focuses on the development of automatic analysis procedures using the constant inflow of new knowledge, experiments and clinical data.

Read more about the research and how scientists are describing the molecular mechanism of the coronavirus in a previous news story. More information about the departments of bioinformatics and systems biology.