15-17th November 2019, public gathering on 16th November

Bringing all MDC1A researchers together

3-day conference bringing all MDC1A researchers together, public gathering on 16th November

The Stichting Voor Sara and Maastricht University/ Maastricht UMC+ organize a MDC1A-conference from 15th - 17th November with a public gathering on 16th November. The main goal of the conference is to create an overview of the clinical spectrum and the challenges in treating congenital muscular dystrophies, and MDC1A in particular. International and local experts can share their findings on the latest innovative therapeutic treatments, current practices and more. The conference will further be a platform for all those involved in congenital muscle dystrophies, as patient foundations and members of the public can join several activities aimed at raising more awareness. A voice will be given to those affected by muscular dystrophies, so that we can explore what can be improved  and what needs increased focus. More information: https://mdc1a.com/